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With TagBar you can Love, Ban or add Tracks to your playlist and add Artists, Albums or Tracks to tags in your account by submitting tracks you've got on your computer or URLs. Add artists, albums or tracks to tagsAdd tracks to playlistsLove ...

Freeware  381k 267

Online Last.FM Player

The Last.FM Online Player allows you to listen to any Last.FM radio station without the need to install, or even download, any software. There is also a class available to easily get data from any profile on Last.FM

Freeware  63k 775


PHP API is a set of classes which help you gain access to's API using PHP. It allows you to get information on users, artists, albums, tracks, groups, events and tags. It also contains geographic API classes to get musical geo informatio

Freeware  113k 332

Pidgin Plugin

This Pdgin plugin displays information from your / Audioscrobbler profile in your user info on the various IM networks Pidgin supports. The most important information might be the recently scrobbled song.

Freeware  49k 615

Yu Pidgin tune status plugin

YuLastfm is a Perl plugin for pidgin. YuLastfm fetches currently playing track information from to update Pidgin\'s Tune Status, aka Now Playing, periodically. YuLastfm provides another function to help users share songs\' info to your friends.

Freeware  21k 697

myLastFM - Last.FM Desktop Player

myLastFM is a desktop player for the streaming music service. You can use myLastFM to see what's playing, download album art, alert you of new songs and also skip/ban/love playing songs.

Freeware  424k 347


AOMrecord is an audio streaming recorder that records music from internet radios, AOL Radio, Radio@AOL, PANDORA, Yahoo Radio, LAUNCHcast, Rhapsody, Slacker, jango, LIVE365, cmt, AccuRadio, Real Player, last fm and many other sources. With AOMrecord you are able to record any kind of audio data ...

Shareware  2,499k 1271 EUROCOMP


Want to Record Internet Radio? Get thousands of sounds every few hours? Record your favorite Shoutcast Radio or TV show? Record,, AOL,, iTunes radio, or Podcasts? Then download the latest version of StationRipper now! StationRipper allows you to Record Internet Radio Stations ...

Shareware  2,896k 587 Ratajik Software

Last Genre

Last Genre is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that shows artist tags and allows the user to choose one of them to set as the genre of iTunes tracks.

Freeware  266k 431

Banshee is an open-source media player which uses the GStreamer multimedia platform for encoding and decoding various media formats, including Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and FLAC. Banshee can play and import audio CDs and supports many portable media players, including Apple's iPod, Android devices and Creative's ...

Freeware  3,114k 877


GrooveWalrus is a stand-alone music player with GrooveShark and support.You will be able to import GrooveShark playlists or enjoy your tracks.

Freeware  10,189k 283


A simple php script with function to get song from and post it on facebook wall. You can also save the username so later on just need to click send. get top song of the week from Last.FMpost posts on facebook wallssave ...

Freeware  19k 356


This is a port of's WebAPI plus their Audioscrobbler 1.2 into VB.Net 2005. Features: Artist/Album/Track-Metadata -- all WebRequests which are also contained in the original client -- Scrobbling - Usable in other .Net languages, like C#, too

Freeware  1,050k 594


LibreTunes is an open-source multi-scrobbler, scrobbling the music you play with iTunes to up to 3 AudioScrobbler servers. By default it supports and, but you are free to use any servers you want.

Freeware  378k 179


Lopster is a peer-to-peer software supporting multi-network protocols using a plugin system. Currently supporting Napster(Opennap), Directconnect, Soulseek. More protocol are under development : bittorrent, edonkey, It works on Linux/Win32/OSX

Freeware  616k 263

Mac Desktop Generator

Mac Desktop Generator allows you to generate wallpaper made of cover arts of albums, that were on your top list in service.

Freeware  61k 624


Mediastalker lets you easily cataloge and manage your CDs/DVDs/Videos/Games through a web-based front end allowing you to add remove items and others to peruse your collection. Also links Music items/artists in with

Freeware    145


Python library to submit played tracks to "audioscrobbler" (the service behind

Freeware  4k 267


rockmarble is a multiplatform program that fetches artist tour dates from and shows the event location using marble.Users can search events both by Artist name and by City.

Freeware  79k 212

Genre Tagger

Genre Tagger is a Python application that utilizes the Last.FM service to find appropriate genres for music files.

Freeware  14k 300


QTScrobbler is a tool to upload information about the tracks you have played from your Digital Audio Player (DAP) to your account. It is able to gather this information from Apple iPods or DAPs running the Rockbox replacement firmware.

Freeware  129k 229


Scrobblit is a free software that was thought to scrobble to the song that we listen with out iPod. Scrobblit runs with iTunes (Windows) or Rhythmbox(linux), if you manage your iPod with another software Scrobblit will not run. It was thought to manage the ...

Freeware  45k 366


VkAudioSaver - is a free program for downloading and listening to music in It enables you to search and listen to tracks, edit play lists and download all the music in one click. Also you can download any track from public pages, groups, a ...

Freeware  11,592k 607 Bingo s Soft
Audials Tunebite Premium

Audials Tunebite Premium

+++Legally record, convert and enjoy protected Music, Streams & Audiobooks anywhere+++ ++Tunebite Premium - At a Glance++ Music stream recorder & audio converter: record at double speed both protected and unprotected music streams from music sources in any format for PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad ...

Demo  847,000k 1159 Audials AG
Jaksta Music Miner for Windows

Jaksta Music Miner for Windows

Jaksta Music Miner for Windows captures and tags MP3s from popular audio and video web sites . Just open Jaksta Music Miner and turn on "internet monitoring". Then go out on the web and play a song or video. Jaksta Music Miner will download the ...

Shareware  17,716k 690 Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd
Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is the best Windows music recording software. It could record any audio sources including built-in input audios and computer stream audios. It also allows people to schedule music recording by setting the recording start time and recording duration and manage recordings in ...

Shareware  21,682k 468 Leawo Software Co LTd
Axife FM Player Deluxe

Axife FM Player Deluxe

Axife FM Player is the only application on the Internet that turns an ordinary TV/Radio card into an expensive intelligent FM receiver! You can shift a radio broadcast at any moment in any direction! The TimeShift allows listening several times to favorite songs, returning important ...

Commercial  1,926k 1861 Axife Software

Axife FM Player Lite

Axife FM Player Lite is the best freeware application for TV/Radio cards. Easy to use replaceable graphic interfaces, adjustable transparency level, control through hot keys, flexible task scheduling, multilanguage support, low usage of system resources, control through command line, SDK. More information and a list ...

Freeware  1,582k 1404 Axife Software
Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Mankind is locked in a battle for survival against the machines. The powerful and ruthless war computer Skullnet has turned on its creators, humans. Skullnet is now threatening to eliminate entire mankind. You, an ace solider, are mankind's sole hope. In a desperate attempt, you ...

Shareware  2,762k 1283 IronCode Software

Sync Last Files

This is simple but very usefull synchronization utility. This program requires .NET framework. This program can synchronize only files which were modified in the past few days. So, you can have two large folders on two computers, and you are using Flash Drive for copying ...

Freeware  337k 1407 KutinSoft com
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